Who needs a Gen 2?

Doods, pheasants, pours, and pop can aficionados, lend me your ears:

Introduced in 2008 and in production since 2009, the Ford SVT Raptor has been a part of our collective consciousness for over a decade. While some of you in that time span have gained a few pounds, added a few wrinkles—and based on that decade challenge going around—look more like the typical Raptor-owner-at-Starbuck’s aged leather handbag than the bright ray of sunshine from 2009, ole Jenny meanwhile is no worse for the wear. Quite the contrary, the Raptor just gets better with age.

Over the years the Raptor entered a new generation: it shed weight, gained horsepower, improved its shocks, handling, interior and more, all in a package that sounds like two dood fans facing off in the stalls of a Taco Bell restroom after one too many Quesaritos. But hey, even J Lo can’t be expected to sound as good in the absence of a vocal cord or two! In the end, while the Raptor’s performance only improves, there may be no greater divide than that between Gen 1 and Jen 2 Raptor owners.

Yes, it’s true: while Gen 1 owners stuff their deep seated performance insecurities as far down as the rust holes in their cab corners allow, hiding behind the sounds of their burbling 6.2L V8—the only great sounding Raptor, obviously—pearl clutching Jen 2 owners scoff at the pour Gen 1 pheasants from the comforts of the Ford customer service lounge as they anxiously await their new cam phasers to arrive so they can get back to what matters most: romping ole Jenny around the blazing desert (Starbucks by the mall) sounding like two dood owners emulating their favorite fart-can import from the Fast & Furious series.

Despite all of this, the Raptor endures as the accolades, Baja 1000 podium finishes, and more continue to mount in its storied history like a diamond studded grille only a Jen 2 owner could afford. But what better way to celebrate all those rocks than with the OG Jenny from the block?

That’s right, for a limited time only, you have the distinguished opportunity to pick up your very own example of the original Gen 1 Raptor in its final 2014 form. A celebration of fossil fuel burning excess complete with a stage 2 generation 3 Whipple supercharger cranking out north of 650 horsepower to level the playing field with those pop-can-construction turbocharged lightweights. Stomp the go-pedal and listen to the twin screws scream as you suck, squeeze, bang, and blow your way victory, or rather, the nearest gas station.

While you may not have the fancy twin panel moonroof or the latest computer controlled Fox shocks, you’ll still be swaddled in leather heated and cooled seats as you float down the road in a supremely capable truck with whom’s off road handling prowess has yet to be matched by anyone but Ford themselves. Not that you’ll need it, Starbucks generally expects locations to have traffic counts of at least 25,000 cars per day, so the roads are probably paved.

So, step up to a Ford Icon and take this 61k mile Whipple charged 2014 home and let it sing you the swan song of the last great sounding Raptor for only $39k—Buy the truck, the Whipple comes free. What a deal.

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