The Ram Mega Cab

The Ram Mega Cab

Being Midwesterners, you’ve likely found yourself surfing a red wave following yet another All-American democratic process, as evidenced by the incessant postings of armchair politicians you call Facebook friends. Of course, practical man that you are you have no time for politics and would much rather Make America Great Again by reminiscing on truly great things: the Dodge Ram Mega Cab.

Conceived by Dodge in 2006 perhaps as means of compensating for having had the smallest four door full size pickup cab in the industry, the MAGAcab has gone on to be the reigning champ of the dic…errr….. cab measuring contest year over year for 12 years and counting. And while the all new 2018 Ram’s more spacious standard crew cab may very well put the the mega out to pasture, you can continue to compensate for your shortcomings with a red wave of all American excess on four wheels.

Yes, for a limited time determined by how long it takes to sell, you have the opportunity to bring home a fine example of the Mega Cab breed in the form of this 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 Heavy Duty 6.7 Cummins SLT pickup. Featuring four wheel drive, bluetooth connectivity, highly sought after not-foglights in the bumper, and of course who could forget: reclining rear seats with enough leg room to kick a field goal — among other prized options. Certainly, when it comes to mid-2000s pickups, the Mega Ram reigns supreme.

Features and specs are only half the story on any used Diesel pickup of course and you’ve no doubt found yourself curious as to the condition of this ‘Merican AF specimen. Well, put your weary mind at ease knowing it is a one owner 177k mile highway cruiser with documented regular fluid and filter change service intervals throughout its illustrious life of snapping the necks of every young dodge man with a dream of a sky high Mega on 12 wides and a rougher ride than Jesus’ jackas…err…donkey through Jerusalem 2000 years ago.

Time to step up to the Mega Cab life and bring this slice of 100% stock Americana home today for just $20k

**This Ad is part of our Greatest Hits series, check our Inventory page to see if this Mega is still for sale.

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